• Photo courtesy Leigh Cassell, Digital Human Library

K-5 Resources

The materials referenced in this section of fieldtripEARTH are designed with our youngest audience members in mind. Students just learning to read, and students interested in seeing photos of animals and their habitats, will benefit from the various resources here.

"Just the Facts" is a series of articles about wildlife conservation written especially for emerging readers. While the content presented and the vocabulary used are simplified, students are encouraged to think deeply about some of the issues and problems surrounding conservation of each featured species.


Many students and teachers use fieldtripEARTH as a source for conservation-related photos. With that in mind, we often put together galleries of the best pictures taken at research project sites around the world.


"Newsclips" are short excerpts taken from news reports. On fieldtripEARTH, we'll share easier-to-read newsclips about conservation research and science topics relevant to this website. All newsclips will include links to at least one additional information source so that teachers and parents can help K-5 readers learn more.

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The Glossary defines many of the important terms used on fieldtripEARTH. Simply hover over a term of interest to learn more; click on the term for additional detail. If you encounter a term in a fieldtripEARTH article that you feel should be included in the Glossary, please contact us.

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