Massive Cold-Stun Event at Outer Banks

In the span of two days in early January 2016, volunteers patrolling the sound side of Hatteras Island off the coast of North Carolina found 349 cold-stunned turtles. All but two were juvenile green sea turtles, probably three to five years old.

Crest Rehabbed, Returned to Open Ocean

After more than five months of rehabilitation at the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island, a loggerhead named “Crest” was returned to the beach and set free into the open ocean.

Photo Gallery: Sea Turtles

Photo Gallery: Sea Turtles There are seven species of sea turtles found on the planet. All are either threatened or endangered. Four of those species—green, Kemp's ridley, leatherback, and loggerhead—are typically found on the Atlantic coast of the United States and, more specifically, near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Those using a computer to…

Just the Facts: Sea Turtles

There are seven species of sea turtles in the world. Learn more about these incredible ocean animals.

Storm Threatens Remaining Sea Turtle Nests

A powerful storm hit the beaches of North Carolina starting on 25 September 2015, and threatened the remaining unhatched nests on the state’s Outer Banks.

OBX Sea Turtles (2015) – Nest #22

Nest #22 is a complete mystery. There are only eye-witness reports that some 100 hatchlings came out of a nest in Southern Shores. Attempts to learn more by excavating a nest failed when researchers could not locate one in the area.

OBX Sea Turtles (2015) – Nest #20

Things look bad for Nest #20 after waves washed over this nest and carried the eggs out to sea. Tourists retrieved some of the eggs, but it will be a miracle if they actually produce hatchlings.

OBX Sea Turtles (2015) – Nest #18

Nest #18 was laid close to the high tide line and close to a fishing pier, so NEST volunteers moved it to a safer place.

OBX Sea Turtles (2015) – Nest #17

Nest #17 is a very efficient nest with no drama and no surprises so far.

OBX Sea Turtles (2015) – Nest #15

Nest #15 boiled successfully; unfortunately, nobody was there to witness the hatchlings as they made their way to the ocean.

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