ftE NewsClip: First Sea Turtle Crawl of 2016

Sea turtle researchers reported the first crawl of North Carolina’s 2016 nesting season. There was no nest laid at the site of this crawl, but they expect a nest nearby soon.

ftE NewsClip: Poisons Are Greatest Threat to Vultures

Two wildlife researchers have stated that carcass poisoning is the single greatest threat to the world’s vulture populations, and have also noted that vultures are the most threatened group of birds on the planet.

ftE NewsClip: Salamanders Face New Chytrid Threat

On 12 January 2016, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) added over 200 salamander species to a list of animals that cannot be brought in to the United States.

ftE NewsClip: Six African Vulture Species Uplisted

Scientists are more worried than ever about the future of Africa’s vultures. In fact, their concern is so great that they have changed the status of six African Vulture species to reflect a greater possiblity that these species may become extinct in the near future.

ftE NewsClip: Cure for Chytrid?

In mid-November 2015, a team of scientists announced that it was able to eliminate the chytrid infection from a wild population of Mallorcan midwife toad tadpoles. This is the first time chytrid has been treated in a wild amphibian population.