Catch A Vulture By The Toe

Vulture researcher Corinne Kendall reports on a week spent trapping and satellite tagging vultures in Tanzania.

Just the Facts: African Vultures

Vultures are found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Learn more facts about these very interesting birds.

African Vulture Research: October 2015 Update

Researchers have placed satellite telemetry tags on two vultures near two national parks in Tanzania. These tags will allow the researchers to track the vultures for about twelve months and, in doing so, to gather important information about their movement, mortality, and breeding.

African Vulture Research

Vultures play a critical role in any landscape where they are found and, in fact, often serve as indicators for the quality of a particular habitat. Human actions, however, are having a significant impact on vulture populations around the world.

African Vulture Research: 2014 Summary

Using road surveys, researchers continue their work focused on vultures located in two national parks in Tanzania. Conclusions about vulture movements in that region of Africa leads the researchers to a decision to initiate satellite telemetry studies.

African Vulture Research: 2013 Summary

Researchers working in two national parks in Tanzania used a variety of methods to begin a project focused on understanding, and better protecting, vultures and other scavenging birds.