Gorilla Blog: 17 June 2016

Apollo is grounded by his mother, while other gorillas continue to form strong social bonds.

Gorilla Blog: 10 June 2016

Play behavior amongst gorillas is an especially important form of communication.

Gorilla Behavior Research

Gorilla Behavior Research

Gorilla Behavior Research

Photo courtesy XXX Photo courtesy XXX Photo courtesy XXX Gorilla Behavior Research gorilla-behavior-tab-set600rtbs_arrows#2951c2 ‌ Current Status Research can help zoos evaluate animal welfare. Kelly and Ashley, two undergraduate students from North Carolina State University, are conducting a study where they observe gorilla behavior and assess their enrichment to do just that. What’s enrichment? It is…

Gorilla Blog: 20 May 2016

Gorilla Blog: 20 May 2016 20 May 2016 We’ve just finished up our first two weeks of observations and they went great! We are observing seven gorillas altogether—Mosuba, Rosie, Olympia, Jamani, Hadari, Apollo, and Bomassa. Mosuba, or "Mo," is the silverback male and leader of the troop. Rosie is the oldest adult female and Hadari, a…

ftE NewsClip: First Sea Turtle Crawl of 2016

Sea turtle researchers reported the first crawl of North Carolina’s 2016 nesting season. There was no nest laid at the site of this crawl, but they expect a nest nearby soon.

ftE NewsClip: Poisons Are Greatest Threat to Vultures

Two wildlife researchers have stated that carcass poisoning is the single greatest threat to the world’s vulture populations, and have also noted that vultures are the most threatened group of birds on the planet.

Preserving the White-Winged Duck

Nancy Drilling reports on efforts in Indonesia to conserve the very rare White-Winged Duck.

Wildlife of Cameroon: Elephants

Wildlife of Cameroon: Elephants This photo gallery features what is, for Dr Mike Loomis and his colleagues, the species at the core of their research in Cameroon—the African elephant. The photos below are shot in various national parks and other areas of that country. Those using a computer to view this gallery can hover over…

Snake Mark/Recapture

Snake Mark/Recapture

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