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Welcome to the new fieldtripEARTH website. The fieldtripEARTH project began in 2002 as a partnership between the North Carolina Zoological Society, the North Carolina Zoological Park and the federal government’s Institute of Museum and Library Services. That partnership has grown to include several conservation and education organizations, as well as more than 120 individuals working around the world. This site replaces the original FieldTripEarth website built more than 12 years ago.

Much has changed in those 12 years. On the positive side, website creation software has both improved and become less complex. The original FieldTripEarth required that we develop our own online content management system (CMS) to control all of the articles, photos and other resources on the site. This site, on the other hand, runs on WordPress, a free and open-source CMS, and a small number of free or very inexpensive subprograms. In short, the technical resources required to keep the site humming along every day have decreased dramatically, which made our decision to create a new site an easy one.

On the other hand, threats to the planet, and to its animal and plant inhabitants, have increased dramatically. Thousands of animal and plant species considered “endangered” or “threatened” when FieldTripEarth debuted in 2003 remain stuck at that status—and thousands more have been, or at least should have been, declared to be in danger of extinction since then.

The primary goal of fieldtripEARTH is to call attention to the people working to reverse those threats. Men and women from the North Carolina Zoological Park and the North Carolina Zoological Society—and from other institutions all over the world—are involved in research designed to improve our understanding of the Earth’s living things. As well, those same individuals are at the forefront of efforts to develop and implement responses that protect those species. Their stories and experiences form the core of fieldtripEARTH‘s content.

Finally, fieldtripEARTH is committed to the idea that education is the first, and most important, step toward helping both children and adults understand that they can be a part of the work to conserve the planet’s resources and to protect its species. With that in mind, we hope to inspire people to take action themselves and in some way to have a positive impact on the natural world.

We also realize that not all conservation stories will have a happy ending, so we strive to relate actual field experiences, no matter how heartbreaking they might be. Field research is inherently risky to all involved; our goal is to demonstrate why good research is always worth the risk.

Thank you again for your interest in conservation and, specifically, in our work. Please be sure to Contact ftE with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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The videoclips that follow serve as “site map tutorials” to guide new users through the various resources found on fieldtripEARTH. The videos will be updated as the site grows in the coming months and years.

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