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Nest 18 Update
Outer Banks Nest 18 was laid late in the season and then had to survive Hurricane Irene as well. Nevertheless, it is still possible that this nest will hatch successfully.
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After the Storm
UPDATED 17 OCTOBER 2011. Hurricane Irene brought significant damage to North Carolina's Outer Banks. The storm's impacts on sea turtle nests is unknown at this point, though there is hope that the hatchlings in four nests will survive.
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Searching for Nest 15
Sea turtle conservationists search in vain for Nest 15, which was hit hard by Hurricane Irene.
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Pre-Irene Evacuations
With Hurricane Irene approaching North Carolina's coast, it was time to evacuate a several sea turtle nests, or face losing the hatchlings to drowning.
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Excavating Turtle Nests 7, 8 and 9
Turtle conservationist Jackie Orsulak reports on the excavation of the "triplets"—three nests in a special holding area near Nags Head, North Carolina.
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Monitoring Sea Turtle Nest #3
Jackie Orsulak of NEST is monitoring several sea turtle nests on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, including a nest laid in Duck, NC—a very unusual occurrence since it is so far north. UPDATE: Hatching season started up in early August 2011. Be sure to see the Nest #3 Final Update for the latest news on that nest.
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2011 Sea Turtle Season Wrapping Up
UPDATED 24 August 2011: Three nests in the Kill Devil Hills holding area boiled, with nearly 300 hatchlings making it to the ocean! The sea turtle season on North Carolina's Outer Banks normally draws to a close this time of year. However, there's still a lot of excitement ahead, including a later-than-usual nest and the upcoming hatching of three relocated nests now in a protected holding area.
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Nest #3 Final Update
Nest #3 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina held Jackie Orsulak's interest all summer. The nest hatched on 5 August 2011 and was excavated on 9 August.
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Outer Banks Sea Turtle Update: October 2010
Overall, the Outer Banks of North Carolina enjoyed a successful sea turtle season. Some of the biggest surprises came at the end of the summer, however—including the discovery of three nests that hatched out right before Hurricane Earl passed by the region.
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Outer Banks Sea Turtle Update: August 2010
Sea turtle activity on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is increasing. There was a rare daytime hatching on Nest #1, and Nest#2—a rare Kemp's ridley nest—yielded just six hatchlings. But, there are more nests to come!
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