Wildlife of Cameroon: Elephants

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This photo gallery features what is, for Dr Mike Loomis and his colleagues, the species at the core of their research in Cameroon—the African elephant. The photos below are shot in various national parks and other areas of that country. Those using a computer to view this gallery can hover over any thumbnail in the…

Snake Mark/Recapture

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Photo courtesy North Carolina Zoological Park Photo courtesy North Carolina Zoological Park Photo courtesy North Carolina Zoological Park Snake Mark/Recapturesnake-markrecapture-tab-set600rtbs_arrows#2951c2 ‌Current Status blah blah blah Newest Snake Mark/Recapture articles... 22 Feb 2016 Snake Mark/Recapture Study – 2015 | A group of herpetology researchers gathered data throughout 2015 as part of a mark/recapture study in order…

ftE Archive

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The fieldtripEARTH Archive provides access to articles from the North Carolina Zoo Society's FieldTripEarth website, which was online from 2001 until late 2015. It is composed entirely of articles and other resources as requested for "reprint" by classroom teachers and students. If you know of anything from the original FieldTripEarth site that you would like…

Measurement and Data Collection in the Field

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Black bear researcher Katie Settlage describes a mark/recapture study on black bears. A black bear weight estimator and morphometeric dataset is included for classroom use. Page 2 of this article provides an equivalent weight estimation formula for African elephants, along with a dataset of elephant measurements.

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