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2007 Den Season Update
This year's black bear winter denning season brought both success and disappointment, and at least one major surprise.
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Black Bear 2006 Update
Black bear researcher Jared Laufenberg describes the thirty-eigth year of work in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This was a successful year with plenty of interesting surprises.
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Setting Up a DNA Lab
What does it take to set up a DNA lab? Learn what a field researcher needs when it comes time to analyze wildlife data.
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DNA Sampling Conclusions
Black bear researcher Katie Settlage provides a brief overview of her DNA study in Smoky Mountains National Park.
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Black Bear Summer 2004 Update
Black bear researcher Katie Settlage reports on this summer's DNA studies and live capture program. All in all, this was an unusual summer for black bears in the Smoky Mountains.
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Winter Den Report - 2004
Black bear researcher Katie Settlage reports on her survey of dens during the Winter 2004 season. Due to some environmental factors, there wasn't a lot of den activity this year—but there were still plenty of surprises.
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DNA Study Update - Spring 2003
Black bear researchers in the Smoky Mountains are using DNA analysis techniques to better understand the most complicated questions: how many bears are in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park region, what habitats do they occupy, and how are they related to each other.
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Den Work Summary - Spring 2003
The black bear team monitored 24 female bears during the Winter 2003 den season. They were able to learn a lot about denning behavior and the status of some of the animals.
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Learning About Black Bears on FTE
The "Appalachian Black Bears" field trip on Field Trip Earth offers many articles and other resources for those wishing to learn more about Ursus americanus. Detailed information about black bears is also found in several "site-wide" articles—see the full article for a list.
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Long-Term Black Bear Research Program in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
A 1969 study to estimate the black bear population in Great Smoky Mountains National Park has become a long-term study that helps researchers understand black bear homerange, habitat, and genetics.
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