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Just the Facts - African Elephants
Learn about African elephants in this article written for emerging readers.
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Key Characteristics of the African Elephant
Includes basic, important facts about the African elephant, including its height, weight, and lifespan.
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Sounds of Silence
Just as a dog or bat hears whistles pitched too high for the human ear, elephants can produce and perceive rumbles that drop below the range of human hearing. These infrasounds pass easily over long distances and allow elephants to broadcast information about their movements, their search for mates and their alarm over impending dangers by booming out calls that sound like silence to us.
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The Place of the Elephant in the Culture and Oral Tradition in Northern Cameroon
Elephants are an important part of Cameroon's culture and oral traditions. We can learn a lot about elephants, and about ourselves, by looking at Cameroon's traditional stories.
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