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More Seals Appearing On NC Coast
Seals have recently been appearing more frequently on the beaches of North Carolina. By the end of March 2011, some 25 different seals have been sighted. Some seals leave after resting awhile, while others require rehabilitation.
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What I Know About...Antarctica
Sea turtle conservationist Jackie Orsulak traveled to Antarctica to learn about that virtually untouched land. While there she learned about seabirds, ocean mammals...and bad weather.
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Working at an Ape Sanctuary in Cameroon
Susan Eberth has made several volunteer trips to Cameroon to work in monkey and ape sanctuaries.
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The Elephant Orphanage: Nairobi, Kenya
Donatella Malfitano visits the elephant orphanage at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi. She describes the keepers' efforts to raise the orphaned elephant calves so that they can be one day returned to the wild.
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Zambian Reunion
Zookeeper Amy Hanna was finally able to return to Munda Wanga, a wildlife sanctuary and education center in Zambia. After nearly three years away, she found important improvements, and saw that there is still much work to be done.
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A Diamond in the Rough
Amy Hanna always dreamed of being a zookeeper and of going to Africa. She got to do both when she volunteered to work in a wildlife sanctuary and education center in Zambia.
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Visiting a Gorilla Reserve in the Republic of Congo
Donatella Malfitano, an international aid worker, visited the Lésio- Louna Natural Reserve, a gorilla sanctuary in the Republic of Congo. Her report also discusses the need to control bushmeat production, which often leads to orphaned gorillas.
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Photo Journal: Antarctica
Arthur Clark has traveled to Antarctica on three occasions—January 1988, October 1995 and, most recently, January/February 2004. This article collects his journal entries and photos from those three trips, and allows him to share his experiences with Antarctica's people, places and wildlife.
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Working on a Game Capture Crew
Zookeeper Amy Hanna worked on a game capture crew in South Africa in April and May of 2006. She helped collect over 200 animals that were transferred to other locations for conservation purposes.
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What I Know About...The Elephant Spa
Fifth grader Alex H. pays a visit to the "elephant spa" at Zoo Atlanta.
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