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Yankari Game Reserve Facebook Page
January 15, 2015
To learn more about Nigeria's Yankari Game Reserve and the research projects underway in the Reserve, be sure to see the Yankari Facebook page.
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Mexican Wolf Pups Cross-Fostered
May 27, 2014
Mexican wolf pups have been successfully cross-fostered in New Mexico.
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Two Mex Wolf Pairs Released
April 26, 2013
Researchers have released a pair of Mexican wolves into the recovery area in Arizona. A second pair is expected to be released in New Mexico soon.
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UNITE Fundraiser Begins 15 April
April 12, 2013
UNITE for the Environment's "Make a Change, Make an Impact" fundraiser for Uganda schools begins 15 April 2013.
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Sylvan Heights Project in Trinidad
February 11, 2013
Our colleagues at the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in North Carolina recently completed a waterfowl conservation project with the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust in Trinidad.
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Sea Turtle Nesting Info Online
August 8, 2012
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the website "" are offering a great tool for those interested in sea turtles.
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Wolf Conservation Center Offers Wolf Cams
April 20, 2012
The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), based in South Salem, New York, is operating several cameras that allow visitors to the WCC website an opportunity to observe captive Mexican wolves and captive red wolves.
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Mexican Wolf Numbers Are Up
February 6, 2012
Researchers released some good news from the Mexican Wolf Recovery Project.
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Arizona Mexican Wolf Policy Changed
January 23, 2012
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission recently voted to change its policy on Mexican wolf releases. It will now allow wolves to be released when an already-released wolf is lost because of an illegal act.
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Mexican Wolves Released in Mexico
October 24, 2011
Wildlife researchers in Mexico released five Mexican wolves in the San Luis Mountains in Sonora, Mexico, on 12 October 2011. This release area is approximately 80 miles south of Douglas, Arizona.
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