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Waiting for A Ride in Yokadouma
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Waiting for A Ride in Yokadouma

by Mike Loomis
April 14, 2003

12 April 2003
We inspected all of our equipment to be sure it was in working condition and repacked it. We charged all of our batteries and electronic equipment. We also adjusted schedule for the rest of trip:
  • 14 April: Travel to hunting zone
  • 15-17 April: Attempt to collar Bongo
  • 17 April: Travel to Kombo
  • 18 April: Travel to Djaloumbe
  • 19-22 April: Attempt to locate elephant Robinson and replace that collar
  • 23 April: Travel to Yokadouma
  • 24 April: Feedback and travel to Bertoua
  • 25 April: Fly to Younde

13 April 2003
We did absolutely nothing today. It was a welcome day of rest, and a chance to heal the blisters and two sprained ankles I got in Boumba Bek. The water is back on in town, but the electricity is out due to a violent thunderstorm. And, without electricity, the town's water pumping station has no power—so now the water is out again! We were really looking forward to showers, but we'll have to wait until the water and electricity come on at the same time, whenever that will be!

14 April 2003
We plan to leave Yokadouma mid- to late-morning today, and we will make our first attempt to dart a bongo early tomorrow morning. We'll update the site and let you know how it goes; we had a hard time last year darting a bongo (see In Search of Bongo and No Bedtime for Bongo), I hope we have more luck this year. Also, to learn more about bongos, be sure to see the AZA's Antelope Technical Advisory Group information page.

mugshotAbout the author:

Dr. Mike Loomis is Chief Veterinarian at the North Carolina Zoological Park.

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