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Preparing for the Next Collaring
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Preparing for the Next Collaring

by Mike Loomis
April 1, 2003

We went shopping to replenish supplies for our trip tomorrowólots of rice, beans, and sardines! We also resighted the dart rifle, and are packed and ready to leave for Boumba Bek National Park early tomorrow. We spent most of the previous two days in meetings, planning logistics and analyzing tracking data. We appear to be getting good data from all three of collars deployed so far. There was some concern about the GPS collar deployed on Djembe, but the problem was actually with data retrieval, not the collar itself. Jason is doing better and will probably go to Boumba Bek.

mugshotAbout the author:

Dr. Mike Loomis is Chief Veterinarian at the North Carolina Zoological Park.

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