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Arriving in Yokadouma
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Arriving in Yokadouma

by Mike Loomis
March 20, 2003

We are currently in Yokadouma, 3.51690 degrees North, 15.05087 degrees East. Our flight to Bertoua was uneventful, as was the drive to Yakadouma (see the map of southeast Cameroon). The drive was long, and the roads were bad, and we were glad to fly halfway. We had a traditional Cameroonian dinner last night.

This morning, we went to the World Wildlife Fund-Cameroon offices to prepare our equipment for the field. Our oxygen regulator was damaged, but fortunately repairs could be made locally. We spent the rest of the morning walking around Yokadouma, and were promptly stopped by the police and had our passports taken. This afternoon at 3:00, we have to go to the police station to get them back. Our WWF colleagues say there is nothing to worry about. This is my sixth season coming to Cameroon, as it's the first time my passport has been taken.

We leave early tomorrow for a drive to Libongo and a five-hour boat ride down the Sangah River to Djembe in Lobeke National Park.

mugshotAbout the author:

Dr. Mike Loomis is Chief Veterinarian at the North Carolina Zoological Park.

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