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Welcome to Field Trip Earth!

by Mark MacAllister

Page 7 : Species-Specific Resources

About the Species
Each "About the Species" section will provide background information—some general, some quite detailed—about the species under study. In addition to basic descriptive articles, there will be a FAQ (frequently asked questions) article for each species, as well as information about behavior, distribution, and habitat preferences. Information about each species' place in mythology, literature and other arts will be available here, as will photographs of the species. Teachers may use this section to become more familiar with the species, and/or to provide a store of research materials for their students.

About the Project
This section provides critical background about every wildlife conservation research project hosted on Field Trip Earth. Each project's history, goals, objectives and methods will be outlined. Links to web resources about equivalent research projects will also be provided. Classroom teachers should use this section to introduce students to project basics and to research methodology concepts.

About the Region
An "online almanac" of information about the region under study is available in this section. Facts about that region's geography, population, and history are available. Maps and other images will also be used to better describe the area, and detailed article will outline key regional components, such as unusual habitats or threats to wildlife. Teachers should use this section as a resource for learning more about the region, and for placing the research project itself into social, economic, ecological, geographic, and historical perspectives.

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