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Welcome to Field Trip Earth!

by Mark MacAllister

Page 5 : Educator Resources

Educator Resources
This section forms the core component of the Field Trip Earth instructional mission. Itcontains a variety of teaching strategies that may be used individually as "stand-alone" events or as parts of a larger instructional unit. These lessons, designed by K-12 educators from our partner school districts, reflect national standards in a variety of academic areas, though of course they should be adapted for implementation in each individual learning environment. Please see the Educator Resources page for more information about these strategies.

These strategies will offer a measure of guidance to teachers wishing to implement Field Trip Earth in their classrooms. These strategies do not represent a fully-developed curriculum. Rather, they are "kernels" or "building blocks" that teachers can use to teach certain concepts, processes, or thinking skills. A teacher wishing to improve students' writing skills, for example, can employ the journaling strategies highlighted on the site as a means for doing so. And, our experience shows, students are in turn very excited about journaling if they can learn the skill while, at the same time, reading the journal entries of a field researchers actively engaged in a wildlife conservation program.

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