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Welcome to Field Trip Earth!

by Mark MacAllister

Page 3 : Interactives

This tool allows a student or, better yet, a group of students, to construct an interview with a Field Trip Earth researcher. That interview is then forwarded to the researcher for his/her responses. The most relevant, thoughtful and intriguing interviews will then be shared on the website. An archive of previous interviews will also be available. Please note that we will not be able to answer all interview requests—we will be choosing only a few, but we will respond to those in significant detail. Interviews that focus on larger issues that span several species and/or regions are especially encouraged.

Discussion Groups
The Discussion Groups offer an opportunity for users to substantively exchange ideas, questions, comments, and reflections regarding any topic related to Field Trip Earth. All discussions are moderated, meaning that a teacher or other adult reviews the discussion entries, responds to issues raised, and suggests related new topics for additional discussion. Teachers may use this section to encourage their students and their colleagues to think about, and write about, their own experiences with wildlife, as well as their experiences in using this website. We hope that the discussions will be wide-ranging, and that they will serve to bring together teachers and students from around the world.

Field Trip Earth discussion groups are public discussion groups, and as such all information submitted to these discussions becomes public. All users, and especially children, should avoid disclosing personally identifiable information—such as names, email addresses, and street addresses—on the discussion group.

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