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Welcome to Field Trip Earth!

by Mark MacAllister

Page 2 : Site-Wide Resources

Link to List of All Field Trips
Follow ths link to obtain a list of all the field trips available on the site (both "live" and archived field trips), and for summary information about each.

Join Field Trip Earth
Two options are available for users that wish to be kept up-to-date on important information about the Field Trip Earth website. Users who are not classroom teachers can simply provide an email address and some non-personally identifiable information that we use for data collection purposes only; in exchange, we'll occasionally email a brief "newsflash" (usually only a sentence or two and a link) pointing them to an interesting website update or important event in a particular field trip. In addition to the newsletter, classroom teachers anywhere in the world have the additional option to participate in a variety of data collection surveys we use to better understand how Field Trip Earth is used in the classroom, and what effects the website has on teaching and learning. These surveys are brief and are conducted online—data gathered via the surveys are shared among Field Trip Earth staff, and are also reported as required to our funding sources.

About Field Trip Earth
Information in this section provides an overview about the Field Trip Earth project and its mission. Project participants are highlighted, as are technical issues, basic guidance for using the site, and so on.

Contact Us
Information on how to communicate with the Field Trip Earth staff is offered in this section.

The search engine will examine all of the information on the site, both for active and archived field trips. The search engine can be used to locate information about a particular species, a particular region under study, or any other aspect of the site. Students searching for answers to specific questions can often find them via this resource.

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