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Welcome to Field Trip Earth!

by Mark MacAllister

Page 1 : Exploring Field Trip Earth

Field Trip Earth focuses on field-based wildlife conservation research projects ongoing around the world. Some of the projects are "live," meaning that research activities, and one or more research scientists, are currently active in the field. These projects are featured prominently on the site. Projects that are not "live" are archived so that students can continue to access the relevant articles, photos, videos, and other materials. All of the projects, though, are similar in that they provide classrooms and others around the world the opportunity to interact meaningfully with wildlife researchers and other conservation experts. Students and other users can read researchers’ field diary entries, direct questions to the researchers (and read their responses), listen to recorded satellite telephone calls and other communications, see video taken in the field, and discuss conservation issues with them. In a sense, students can use the interactive resources of Field Trip Earth to become part of the research team itself.

Resources on the site are divided into two broad categories. Site-wide resources are not connected to a particular species or research project. Rather, they focus on conservation issues generally, and in doing so address concerns that span several species and/or regions. Access to the site-wide resources is via a menu found on the left-hand margin of the Field Trip Earth homepage, and nearly every other page on the site.

Species-specific resources, on the other-hand, focus with significant detail on a particular species inhabiting a particular region: red wolves in northeastern North Carolina, for example, or savannah and forest elephants in Cameroon, Africa. Access to each "field trip"—that is, to each research project—is via each field trip's homepage. Go to the Field Trips list for a list of research projects monitored on the site.

Field Trip Earth users interested in learning about larger conservation perspectives should explore site-wide resources, while users wishing to learn more about a particular species, a particular research project, or conservation in a particular part of the world should look to specific field trips first. However, each type of user will find valuable information throughout the entire site.

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