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Cameroon 2002: Collaring

by Mark MacAllister

Dr. Mike Loomis had not yet returned from his 2002 Cameroon trip, but he was able to send back to the United States some videotape he shot early in his trip. The videoclips in the Media Gallery to the right highlight the collaring and release of two elephants: Robinson in Lobeke National Park, and Robert in Waza National Park.

As usual, the video files are quite rough. In addition to being shot in the field with a handheld camera and in very difficult conditions, they were edited very quickly. We did this because we felt it was important to get these materials added to the website as soon as possible.

Clip Title Clip Description
Robinson Part 1 Dr. Mike, working in knee-deep mud, injects Robinson with a drug that will reverse the effects of the anesthesia. He then pulls out the intubation tube used to help the animal breathe while it is unconscious.
Robinson Part 2 Robinson begins to regain consciousness, and vocalizes loudly. She regains her feet, and begins to explore the collar now around her neck.
Robinson Part 3 Robinson continues to explore her collar, and shows some annoyance with it. She exits to rejoin her herd as the trackers wish her "bon voyage."
Part 1
Dr. Mike consults with Dr. Martin Tchamba. Robert's herd is in the background. Members of the WWF team administer oxygen to Robert as others monitor her condition and attach the tracking collar.
Part 2
Team attaches the collar to Robert, and Dr. Mike reverses her. Robert rises to her feet and leaves to rejoin herd (notice curving of trunk as she works to orient herself).

mugshotAbout the author:

Mark MacAllister is the Project Coordinator for Field Trip Earth.

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