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Current Elephant Locations

by Mark MacAllister

Page 1 : Tracking Information
Due to increased elephant poaching activity in Cameroon, this article no longer offers elephant location datasets or maps. Please contact the FTE webmaster if you are interested in obtaining datasets or maps for education or research purposes.

Field Trip Earth monitors the locations of satellite-collared elephants in Cameroon. There is one elephant currently under collar.

For more information on satellite tracking data, please see Elephant Location Data Information.

Be sure to see video about the Cameroon elephant conservation program on YouTube. Be sure to get an adult's permission before visiting YouTube!

The most recent satellite data download shows the location for each animal as follows:

Current Satellite Report (as of 5 March 2012)
Animal Name Latitude (N) Longitude (E) LC

See the following pages of this article for any available photos, maps and location datasets on each active animal. Also, use the Cameroon Lat/Long Worksheet if you want to plot location points by hand. Please note that the maps and datasets have not been analyzed for outliers or other data errors.

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