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Mexico Plans Mexican Wolf Release
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Mexico Plans Mexican Wolf Release

by Mark MacAllister
August 3, 2009

The nation of Mexico has announced that it plans to release captive Mexican wolves, perhaps as early as October or November 2009, into eastern Sonora state and western Chihuahua state. While this is very exciting news for Mexican wolf reintroduction, there are several issues that must be studied as part of this release. Of particular concern is that wolves released in Mexico could travel into southern Arizona and/or New Mexico. If that happens, researchers need to make sure that everyone understands the wolves’ legal status under United States law. Rsearchers also want to determine:
  • how these wolves will be detected, monitored, and managed if they cross into the U.S.;
  • how reports of nuisance and livestock depredation incidents will be investigated;
  • how impacts on big game populations will be detected and mitigated;
  • how nuisance and depredating wolves will be managed;
  • how these measures will be funded and administered;
  • and how outreach will be handled to make the public aware of the project and aware of what happens if wolves cross into the United States.
In other words, this is a complicated release, and much will need to be done to make sure that everyone understands the status of the wolves released in Mexico and the possible responsibilities of wildlife researchers in the United States if those wolves cross into Arizona or New Mexico. Stay tuned to FieldTripEarth for more details!
mugshotAbout the author:

Mark MacAllister is the Project Coordinator for Field Trip Earth.

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