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Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: December 2014
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Home > Mexican Wolves > About The Project > Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: December 2014

Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: December 2014

by Mark MacAllister

Page 3 : Mortalities and Depredation Incidents

  • No wolf mortalities occurred during December.

Depredation Incidents
During December, there was one livestock depredation reports and one nuisance report in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (BRWRA).
  • On December 8, Wildlife Services investigated one dead cow in New Mexico near Rainy Mesa. The investigation determined the cow was hit and killed by a car back in September.
  • On December 24, members of the Coronado Pack (M1051 and an uncollared pup) were reported exhibiting nuisance behavior. They were observed near residences with livestock and interacting with domestic dogs through a fence. Researchers responded to the area to monitor and haze the wolves.

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