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Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: July 2015
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Home > Mexican Wolves > About The Project > Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: July 2015

Mexican Wolf Monthly Report: July 2015

by Mark MacAllister

Page 3 : Mortalities and Depredation Incidents

Wolf Mortalities
No mortalities were documented during July.

Depredation Incidents
During July there were two livestock depredation reports involving wolves and two nuisance reports.
  • On July 2, researchers received a report of a wolf chasing livestock in New Mexico. The incident was recorded as a nuisance report.
  • On July 10, Wildlife Services investigated three dead calves near Crescent Lake in Arizona. The calves died of unknown causes.
  • On July 23, Wildlife Services investigated a dead calf on private property in New Mexico. The investigation determined the calf was killed by a bear.
  • On July 27 researchers received a report of two wolves harassing two domestic dogs and a single person on a horse in Mimbres, New Mexico. Researchers investigated the report and found sign of wolves at the incident location. Researchers remained in the area and searched for additional wolf sign, but did not find anything suggesting recent wolf activity. Researchers set up three trail cameras and will continue to try and document wolf activity in the area.

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