fieldtripEARTH focuses on field-based wildlife conservation research projects ongoing around the world. Some of the projects are "live," meaning that research activities, and one or more research scientists, are currently active in the field. These projects are featured prominently on the site. Projects that are not "live" are archived so that students can continue to access the relevant articles, photos, videos, and other materials. All of the projects, though, are similar in that they provide classrooms and others around the world the opportunity to interact meaningfully with wildlife researchers and other conservation experts. Students and other users can read researchers’ field diary entries, see video and photos taken in the field, and access maps and field reports. In a sense, students can use the interactive resources of fieldtripEARTH to become part of the research team itself.

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Snake Mark/Recapture Study – 2015

A group of herpetology researchers gathered data throughout 2015 as part of a mark/recapture study in order to learn more about the native snakes found on the grounds of the North Carolina Zoo.

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